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                                           marine wildlife photography

Upcoming Events

Rock House 

Nestled in the heart of Key West within a recently restored historic stone church is the Rock House Gallery.  As the Gallery's featured artist, Tony's best work adorns the stone and plaster walls, bathed in natural light and accompanied by local work by some of Key West's best artists.  For more information, select the locations tab above.

As a man consumed by the ocean, Tony has devoted his life to bringing the underwater world to the surface for all to see.  Aside from creating incredible imagery, his primary mission is to promote conservancy and appreciation for marine nature, ensuring future generations are able to enjoy the same beauty that crosses his lens today.  

Tony's Mission

With Tony's unique process, he brings to his audience a glimpse of what it truly feels like to be in the water with his subjects.  Utilizing only ambient light and holding his breath, he is able to get closer to the wildlife he's photographs while allowing the natural light to bring out their true colors.  


  1. Florida Marine Flea Market & Seafood    9/12/15 - 9/13/15     West Palm Beach